WebEx is publicizing via direct email a feature they added in the December 2020 release to intelligently remove background noise. It. I haven’t tried it yet, as my circle seems to be moving away from WebEx, but it makes some bold claims about being able to cancel out doorbell rings, dog barks, keyboard typing, garbage trucks, air conditioners, and more.

Video Conferencing – Remove Background Noise During a Webex Meeting or Event

Our advanced deep learning, speech science, and audio processing technology separate noise from human speech in any language. Your colleagues will hear you and not the noises in your workspace. This feature removes background noise when you Use computer audio only.

On the other hand, we have Zoom Escaper, a product designed to introduce a barking dog, a crying baby, or other noises designed to give you an excuse to leave a Zoom meeting. Just make sure your audience doesn’t already know you don’t have a baby. (Via The Verge)

Zoom Escaper lets you sabotage your own meetings with audio problems, crying babies, and more

Had enough Zoom meetings? Free app Zoom Escaper will help you self-sabotage your next video call with audio problems and sound effects. Choose from crying babies, construction noises, unwanted echoes, and more to gift yourself with a reason to drop the call and pick up your life.