While you’re waiting for your Apple Watch to arrive, which can be into July, depending on what you ordered, you can drool over all the 2,100+ apps in the App Store that have Watch functionality.  And you can also learn what the built-in apps from Apple can do as well.

Apple’s put together a series of Guided Tour videos of the Watch.  The big pane at the top is the Welcome video, giving you an overview of the basic functionality of the Watch, and how to get around in the Watch, with taps, swipes, the Digital Crown, the Friends button, and Force Touch.

After that, there are videos dedicated to functions of the watch.  The layout of the page implies that there might be more videos coming as well.

  • Messages
  • Faces
  • Digital Touch
  • Phone Calls
  • Siri
  • Maps
  • Music
  • Apple Pay
  • Activity
  • Workout

For those who would rather read than watch videos, hit the “Explore” button at the top to get a menu of old-fashioned pages describing certain aspects of the watch, such as this one on the built-in apps.

The amount of content here shows how much Apple tried to build in to the watch for launch.  It also demonstrates that we will have a lot to play with when we get our hands, er, wrists, on one of these.