I decided last year that it’s not a good bet to rely — or at least to rely solely — on traditional employment for your livelihood.

I’m on Day 6 of the 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson of Suitcase Entrepreneur, and the topic for today is to identify my ideal business model.  In this case, she means which of three types:  active, having a direct correlation between the time you spend and the revenue you make; residual, where once a product is put in place, it continues to earn revenue with minimal additional time investment; or a combination of both.

It’s a bit of a trick question, or a rhetorical question—this challenge is called “15 Days to Freedom” after all.  My answer, though, is “both”.

I’m committed to helping my consulting clients succeed.  This in itself already gives me more freedom of schedule and location than being an employee, which is a great benefit.

At the same time, I’m interested in building up initiatives in Internet marketing and in app development.  This will give me residual income in the future, to diversify my income sources and styles.

That’s the plan; now it’s time to go and execute!