Weeks ago, long before the area’s snowiest 30-day period in history became a reality, I bought tickets for a Valentine’s Day show, dinner, and a hotel room so we didn’t have to drive home late at night.

Since then, we’ve had storm after storm, with another one forecast for Saturday, Valentine’s Day, and Sunday. The show was cancelled. Undeterred, we were still committed to having a good time, so we kept our dinner and hotel reservations.

We got to Boston early, before the snow started. It bagan before we left for dinner. After dinner, since it was only a few blocks between the restaurant and the hotel, we decided to walk back via the shortest route, through the Boston Public Garden.

I’m glad we did walk, rather than take a cab. Although the snow has wreaked havoc on life in the region, it still is beautiful at the same time.

It’s forecast to escalate to blizzard conditions tomorrow, so we’ll see if we still think it’s beautiful then…